It was another WIP weekend…

Well this weekend was yet another WIP wet weekend…when will summer arrive?

After trauma on Thursday night, when I accidentally broke the needles I was using to work on my Brioche Shawl…I had to work on some of my crochet instead (#firstworldproblems).

But I still made the most of being confined indoors by working on my crochet!


I decided to do some more on my Last Dance on the Beach blanket.  I’m making this in the “last dance in the rain” colourway.  The colours are so beautiful and the yarn is so soft, I love it!!!


I’ve been working on this blanket for aged…

It appeared in my post of shame about my “WIP Graveyard” back in September last year.  I faithfully promised that I was targeting to get this completed in December 2017.  I’m sorry to say that I failed that target 🙁

The pile of squares has slowly been growing and in a rare bit of sunshine on Friday evening, I was inspired to get cracking again!

I spent Saturday quite productively cracking on through some of the squares…(no, this is not a picture of me being lazy on the bed…this is me being super productive and active…..!)


On Saturday night, I got a bit distracted by a “Glow in the Park” run with a couple of friends.  If anyone hasn’t completed one (I mean, why not??) it’s a:

  • 5k run around a local park,
  • in the dark,
  • with music, paint and foam!
  • wearing as much neon, brightly coloured clothing (obviously including a rainbow tutu!) and as many glow-sticks as my friends as I could reasonably get on in the time.

Note to self, next time allow more than 1 hour to get dressed up!!

It was loads of fun but I decided I’d best remove this neon nail-varnish before I do any more tutorials…its just not “on-brand” 🙂


…and yes, that is the “foam-party” tunnel in the background! 🙂 rude not to right??

But back to the point….Sunday brought more rain….and therefore more crochet! 🙂


My progress this weekend…

By the end of the weekend I’m pleased to report that I completed

  • All 4 of the “C2C” squares


  • The final one of this “cabled” square


  • The final two of this “seagull” square


  • One more of this “waves” square (this one takes AGES!)


  • One more of this ripple square (This is one oy my “bonus” squares to make the blanket a bit larger!)


  • And one more of these bobble squares.


I’m a fanatical fan of blocking, and I’ve been blocking these squares as I go along so that they are ready for seaming when I’m finished.  I thought I’d share this picture though of pre and post-block, just in case anyone isn’t convinced that blocking is worth it!  If you’re not sure what I mean, or how to block, check out this post here!

Not bad work for one weekend I don’t think!


I have calculated (rather depressingly!) that:

  • There are 56 squares required in total to make the blanket.
  • I’ve completed 29 of them and I have 27 still to go!
  • I started this in February 2017 and so at my current rate of progress is 2 per month on average

If I continue at this rate, I won’t finish until March 2019….that is just too depressing, I think I need to make a concerted effort to complete this sooner than that!!

Mustn’t let that get me depressed though, I completed 10 this weekend and although I can’t be that lazy every weekend (and I have other projects to get on with!) it should be possible to get it completed in 2018 at least! ha! 🙂

Hope you all had a lovely productive weekend too! 🙂

That’s all for now






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  1. It’s a lovely blanket! And that pre- & post-blocking picture is the perfect example of why to block. I have a knit blanket that I decided originally to block all at the squares at once when I was done knitting all of them, but I think now that I should block the ones I have done now so that there will be less finishing to do all at once at the end.

    I think your blanket will be awesome, no matter when you end up finishing it!

  2. They are looking lovely! I totally sympathise with you on the wavey square – I just could not get along with this one at all. None of my wavey squares look like they should but i just couldnt be asked to spend any more time faffing.

      1. Thank you 🙂 i am making another blanket in the same colour way but with some added trals and turquoises. This time the Hook n learn from simply crochet.

  3. Nicola

    The blanket is going to be gorgeous. What great progress you made this weekend. The run sounds fun – at least, more fun than plain ol’ running. I dislike running but adding neon and glow in the dark bracelets ‘n stuff makes it sound more doable!

  4. Wow that is a lot of squares, but they’re so gorgeous it’ll look fabulous when the blanket is finished! I think the wavy squares are my favourite to look at 🙂
    I’ve done a colour run before (loved it!!) but never a glow run, I must see if I can find one when I’m back up to 5K

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