Random Stripe Cardigan is finished!

Let me start by saying (quietly, just in case anyone has a hangover) Happy New Year to everyone of my lovely readers and your families!

I hope you had a lovely evening last night and brought in 2018 doing something you wanted to do!  Mr Jo-Creates and I had a fun night with some very good friends….the perfect way for us to celebrate! 🙂

In recent posts, I’ve been looking back on 2017, looking at “my year in yarn” and also looking at some of the tutorials that I’ve posted over the past year.  I know some of you who follow have been using them to learn, I hope they help and I will be posting more in 2018!

I’m celebrating the start of 2018 by not eating anything except salad after a week of over-indulgence, posting about my Random Stripe Cardigan, which is finally finished! hoorah!

I’ve still got to get the pattern tested before I can release it, but I’m pleased that the knitting is now completed and I can move onto that phase!

So here it is….!!

Its an open-fronted cardigan, which gets wider to the bottom, creating a nice drape


The back has some waist-shaping, so that it will bend around your curves….


All in all, I’m pleased with how it has turned out! 🙂 🙂


I just have to write up the pattern and see if I can find some lovely people to test it out for me!

I hope that your new years day isn’t suffering too much from your new years eve.

Wishing you all a very happy 2018!




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