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This is definitely one of those posts that I’m almost ashamed to write.  I have to write it though as I promised CelineDay-Jardinz that I would share her shame and post the WIP lurking in the WIP Graveyard in my house…

I have a couple of other genuine WIP projects, which I am working on actively at the moment, but I’m not going to share these.  This is a post about those WIP that have been stuffed in the bottom of a basket and forgotten about!

Interestingly, as I look through this, I see that all of these were started last year!  I hope that means I’m getting better at completing my work!!

Lets start with the Knitting WIP (Crochet WIP to follow!)

Exhibit 1 (m’lud)

What is it?:  This is supposed to be a Knitted Lace Scarf.  Its in a lovely soft yarn and I love the colour, its like chocolate!  However, it languishes at the bottom of my WIP basket for some unknown reason.


Pattern: Comfort Cowl

Started: January 2016

My excuse for not finishing: It has a 12 line repeat (from what I remember!) and so I think it needed more concentration than I wanted to give something for a while.

Plan: It is supposed to be longer, but I think I may finish it here (its 65cm), call it a cowl, not a scarf and sew the ends together, block and wear it!

Target: To be completed in September 2017

Exhibit 2

What is it?:  This is another cowl, this time in a lace-weight yarn (I can’t remember which one!)


Pattern: Winter Infinity Scarf

Started: March 2016

My excuse for not finishing: Although I’m using the yarn the pattern suggests, its just not turning out looking as nice as the pattern.

Plan: Frog it!  The yarn is nice but this pattern isn’t for me, shame as the one in the pattern looks so nice!!

Target: Frogged in September 2017

Exhibit 3

What is it?:  This is the start of a lace-weight cardigan, using Malabrigo yarn (which i love!!)


Pattern: Featherweight Cardigan

Started: April 2016

My excuse for not finishing: I decided at the time that although I liked the feel and weight of the yarn, I didn’t like the variegation.  However, going back to it now I’m not sure why! I do like it again!

Plan: Think a bit more about whether I like it enough to keep going.  If I do then get it on a WIP-to-Wear plan!

Target: This is one to consider in 2018 I think!!  Am I allowed to re-stash a WIP?

Exhibit 4

What is it?:  An almost complete pair of socks in Malabrigo Worsted Yarn


Pattern: No Pattern – just making it up as I go along!

Started: November 2016

My excuse for not finishing: I just got bored?  I think I was Christmas knitting and it got lost in the hurry to get things done!

Plan: I only have a few centimeters to go.  Even I can manage that!  I will probably sew some elastic in the cuffs (i find socks always fall down otherwise!) and wear them to keep my tootsies warm this winter!

Target: This will be completed in October 2017

Exhibit 5

What is it?:  This will (at some point) be a raglan cardigan


Pattern: Staring at stars

Started: October 2016

My excuse for not finishing: I’m not sure I like the way it is turning out so far.  I’m not sure why to be honest!!

Plan: This is another one that I’m going to re-stash for the moment and ponder further whether I like it enough to continue!

Target: Another one for consideration in 2018!

Exhibit 6

What is it?:  This is a pair of gloves.  I made a pair for my Mum last Christmas and part-made myself a pair.  As you can see I only have the fingers on one glove to finish off!


Pattern: Nisu

Started: September 2016

My excuse for not finishing: Again, I think I was Christmas knitting and just didn’t get round to it, then it was spring and who needs gloves in spring??

Plan: Complete by November 2017…arget!

Exhibit 7

What is it?:  This is a little one-winged birdy


Pattern: Benji Bluebird

Started: December 2016

My excuse for not finishing: I didn’t like the way the eyes worked and as it was so simple, I started again with a new benjy!

Plan: I’m sure for the sake of the poor little bird flying in circles for the rest of his life I can finish off his other wing.

Target: October 2017

So I have shared by shame! I have to say, having shared it, I’m actually feeling re-invigorated, at least I now know (and have a plan!) for everything in my Knitting WIP Graveyard!

I promise to post updates about how I’m getting on with my commitment to reduce by WIP!

Do you have any knitting WIP shame you need to get off your chest? or are you completely strict at not starting a new project before you finish the last one (you lucky lucky person if you are that good!!)







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  1. I’m in the same boat! I have so many plastic bags in my craft room filled with half-finished things… Oh, the shame of it. 🙂 I’ve been trying to make a concerted effort to finish them one by one, but then I’ll see a new pattern online, or a gorgeous new yarn I just have to have, or the lastest issue of a craft magazine arrives in the mail and I’m off working on something new again! It’s a vicious cycle.

  2. I am being very monogamous at the moment. I WILL get the Crazy Stripes done before winter! That’s not to say I don’t have a few ancient WIPs lurking in the yarn box though. In fact, I’ve just handed over a fully-knitted-but-not-sewn-together Clanger to a friend who enjoys hand sewing more than I do and offered to stitch it up for me!

  3. I always make sure I have at least two WIPs on the go at any one time. One crochet and one knit so I can switch project if any muscles in my hand start to ache, then I need a project that can be worked at the same time as chatting for ‘Crafty Coffee’ mornings and Tuesday evenings. I always have a very long list of future projects though.
    At the moment I have a crochet blanket that is getting near the end, Easy but too big to take on Friday mornings when I am going shopping afterwards. Half a cushion cover that is ‘resting’ till I think of what to do for the other side. Another crochet cushion cover, half finished with strips that are good to do while chatting as long as I complete the first row first. Knitting: I have just finished a pair of socks and have a hat to make for my daughter before November but it will be super chunky yarn so should only take an evening or two.
    I also have some bits for my new crochet Celtic style coasters that I need to work on so I can publish the pattern.
    Then there are a few things buzzing around in my brain that may take me offtrack with the above!!
    So I suppose I always have lots of WIPs but they are generally all being worked on, or in my thoughts.

  4. I’m somewhere in-between. I’m usually pretty good about frogging stuff if I know I’ll never finish it, so the only WIPs I have hanging around are ones I mostly intend to finish. (There is one toy monkey that I want to have finished but don’t want to do the work on… I need to revisit that guy.) That said, I did only JUST finish a (crochet) WIP from 2010, and I have a lovely beaded shawl lingering in the WIP basket from 2015. So I’m not perfect on my WIP status, either.

    My usual plan is that I can only have one WIP of a type going at once. So: one shawl, one pair of socks, one sweater, etc. When you add in gift knitting (usually socks or shawlettes in my case) this does get thrown off a bit, though.

  5. Well I only started knitting about 2 years ago. In my WIP pile I have 1 stripey queen sized blanket which is my first ever project and I have one completed striped strip and one almost completed striped strip so only 3 more to go. I also have a knitted square blanket that I am teaching myself different patterns on. Then theres the bunny that is finished but needs to be sewen up. Oh and my first ever jersey which I have completed the back on:D I have completed one bunny and a babies blanket so I can now say I am also a knit finisher haha 🙂

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