Art in the Park, Leamington Spa, what happened?

Today the sun stayed out long enough for a visit to the local “Art in the Park” festival in Leamington Spa.

There was LOADS going on, I was surprised how much!

Yarn Bombing

There was of course some obligatory Yarn bombing! 🙂

The Three Graces

Leamington is currently making a big thing of “the Three Graces”, three elephants who used to live here with their trainer Samuel Lockheard in the late 1800’s they were called “Haddie, Trilby and Wilhelmina”.  more here…

As a result, the theme of the Art in the Park Festival this year was elephants and there were lots about!  Including these three, which children could paint…!


And this one that they couldn’t…!


Spinning Yarn

“No, we’re not having one of these”, my other-half made a point of saying, as we walked past this lady spinning some yarn! 🙂  shame……!!


There was lots of stuff for the kids to do, including circus skills, make your own juggling ball, face painting, etc…and this random, yarn-tangling place, I REALLY wouldn’t want to have to untangle this!

Music and Food..and crochet!

There was also music and plenty of street food stalls.  I spotted this cool hat whilst I was eating my lunch!


Hula Hooping anyone…?

After eating, we went to have a play in the hula hoop area, its amazing how some circular pieces of plastic can keep people of all ages happy, from 2 to 82! 🙂 I saw everyone having a go….even had a go myself! It was fun!!

All in all, a good day was had in the park in Leamington!


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  1. I hankered after a wheel for years but couldn’t justify the price of a new one and second hand ones are pricey and tend to come with serious issues . . . but then out of the blue a very kind lady gave me an old wheel she was throwing out. It’s ancient and cranky and really at the end of its life but I have had so much fun with it. Spinning has brought a completely new and different dimension to my understanding and love of fibres and yarns and the possibilities they hold . . . so keep the faith, one day it might happen! In the meantime, you are going to have so much fun with that dye and I can’t wait to see what you create! 🙂

  2. The spinning wheel comment just made me chuckle, I can totally imagine the same reaction from my boyfriend 😀 I’ve been telling him for years that once we stop moving and get to live somewhere more permanent, we’re getting two alpacas to live in the garden, so now whenever we see some unusual animal he proactively protests against it 😉
    I like how the kid in the hat also has a crocheted cardi or jumper, someone in the family must be into crafts!

    1. 😂😂 I know. they are spoiling our fun!!! alpacas sound great! you really could grow your own jumper that way!! I’ll lend you my spinning wheel! I’ll surely have talked him round by then! 😉

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