Exploring Ravelry..which Groups are the best?

Strange title for a post I know, I don’t really have anything to say but I’m interested in your responses.

I’ve used Ravelry for a while and LOVE it.  I’ve not explored the groups / forums side of it though and to be honest I’m not sure where to start.  There seem to be so many, how do you know which ones are “good” and which ones are “bad”?  I thought I’d ask you, my fellow knit/crochet nuts (I mean that respectfully of course! 🙂 )

So….does anyone mind sharing which Ravelry groups you are in to help me out…?

Thanks 🙂



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  1. I belong to a lot of groups on Ravelry. For the most part each is very unique and I use them for different things. I love everything about The Loopy Ewe so I belong to their Loopy Groupies group. Remrants is a bit of an irreverent group of people talking about things that aren’t fiber related. I like my local to me groups to keep up with local yarn stores and fiber festivals. Lovin’ The Freebies is where I find out about free patterns or temporarily free patterns. My LYSs have groups. KAL Fanatics lists KALs and CALs by month.
    If you go to the group tab you can search for anything and find groups for your interests i.e., Poodles, genealogy, books, gaming, or movies. My knitting neighbor loves the groups she joined for women expecting babies in “X” month. She’s stayed connected to these people for years. Be sure to check out the main 6 boards. They’re really good too.
    Good luck finding what interests you:)

    1. thanks for your comprehensive response! 😊 i looked for local groups but there aren’t any. might look up some of my favourite brands and see what they are up to. never know. I might start my own local to me group!! thanks again, really appreciate your thoughts!

  2. I’m rather new to Ravelry groups myself, but I joined the Jimmy Beans Wool one because that’s where I buy most of my yarn and I recently joined a Craftsy KAL that had a Ravelry group, so I popped on over there to check things out. I’m mostly a lurker, but it’s fun to see what projects people are working on and things like that.

  3. I’m not in any ravelry groups as I fear I may not get any crafting done if I join any more groups. However, my ravelry queue is growing! Hope you get some useful answers 😊

  4. If you have an indie dyer you like, check to see if they have a group. Also, designers often have groups, and then – as several commenters have said – special interests. If you are into Dr. Who, or Star Trek or Star Wars, or really any sci-fi at all, there will be multiple groups you can look into. I’m in the groups of a couple of dyers whose yarn I like, as well as a few special interest ones. Groups can be really fun – I have made some good friends through them 🙂 You will find good ones!

  5. Yes, designers’ groups can be really cool, with the designer answering any questions about the pattern and people sharing advice… Also sometimes there are groups for specific KALs or CALs, not really my thing but a great place for people who like KALs.
    Other than that, I’m not very successful with Ravelry groups, most of those I joined are now not active (hopefully not my fault 😉 )… but I’m a total Ravelry addict, I love browsing patterns and checking each yarn before I buy it, it’s always open in a separate tab in my browser 🙂

  6. I’m in more groups than I can keep up with, but the ones I tend to participate in are the ones I order from…like Eat.Sleep.Knit (online yarn store) has a group… and Yarn Crush (subscription yarn box). But then there’s also Village Hopelessly Overcommitted, a great group of people who share their progress on the countless wips they have going on….there’s more I’m a member of, but that’s what I use groups for.

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