The Long Tail Cast On – photo and video tutorial

how to make a long tail cast on

Is it really sad to have a “favourite” cast-on?  If so, sign me up, I’m sad!  The long tail cast on is my favourite cast-on, its simple and quick and relatively painless (once you have your head around it!)This is the long-tail cast-on.  So called because you case-on using a long tail of yarn to make the cast-on row.

I’ve tried to explain it as simply as I can below.  Please let me know if you have any questions though! 🙂

How to make the long tail cast on

Step 1Step1words.png

Step 2 & 3step 2 words

Step 4 & 5Step3 wording.png

Step 6step4words.png

It’s really that simple!

How much “tail” will you need?

The trick to making a successful long tail cast on is calculating how much “tail” you will need.

I do this as follows:

Step 1estimate 1

Step 2estimate2

Step 3estimate3


Because it’s not always easy to tell from photos, I’ve also done this “slow-mo” video showing you how to make this long tail cast on!


That’s it! Simples!

Hope it works for you if you try it!

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