Sore hands from knitting or crocheting? These stretches might help!

Hand and Wrist stretches for knitters and crocheters

Do you get pains in your hands and wrists when crocheting or knitting?

I do, all too often and I REALLY don’t want to stop doing it just because of a little pain.  I’m also very conscious that I don’t want to do any permanent damage.  My thoughts on pain are, if its bad, stop (sounds obvious but you know that’s easier said than done when you have “just-one-more-row-itis”!!).  It is better though to stop, have a rest and be able to craft-on tomorrow then to do something which means I have to take a long break.

As a result of my little niggles, I’ve found that there are a few stretches that I can do which help so I thought I’d share, just in case they are useful for you too.

I try to do these whenever I finish a knit/crochet session (or during it if I’ve been caught by the “oh no, where-did-that-5 hours-go-bug”) and just generally when I remember during the day, whether I’m knitting / crocheting or not.



finger pull




Some other tips I’ve found…

In Knitting, avoid the “death-grip”, I find this particularly hard if I’m using a find yarn and thin needles as the temptation is to hold on to the needles more tightly.

I’ve been experimenting with the way I hold my yarn and crochet hook to see what I ca do that means the least amount of small repetitive movements.

In both knitting and crochet, I try to make sure that I am sitting comfortably, have good light and I’m not “hunched-over” my work.  Occasionally I try to remember to look up and rotate my shoulders and neck.

Sometimes the pain I feel is in my shoulders or neck (probably from sitting badly!!) so I will also do some shoulder rolls and neck stretches too

Another thing I find is that switching between Crochet and Knitting projects helps “even-up” the wear on my hands, I find that they hurt in different places depending on which I’m doing.

Disclaimer: Before I go, I must just say that I’m not a doctor, or a physio and so I’m not medically qualified to say that these will or won’t help.  All I’m able to say is that I find that they help me with the occasional niggle.  Please be gentle with any stretches that you do as stretching too much could be worse than not at all!

I’d also say that if what you are suffering with is any worse than an occasional gripe, lasts for a day or so, or carries on hurting long after you have stopped crafting, I’d advise you speak to someone who knows what they are talking about, rather than listening to me! 🙂

Long may you craft-on pain free! 🙂




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  1. Thanks for these, I knew about some of them but not them all. I definitely find switching between knit and crochet useful, particularly when knitting socks on 9″ circulars!

  2. Great tips!! I make sure I stop every once in a while to shake out my hands and wrists or do some of the stretches you mentioned. My biggest problem is the hunching over. My posture is not great with everything else too and extra bad while I’m crocheting. I am always catching myself hunching and sit back up straight right away. I’ve taken to crocheting in my reclining chair whenever possible because with my feet up it’s easier to keep my shoulders against the back of the chair. 😀

    1. that is so true! I find I get terrible shoulder ache if I sit in a “straight” chair because of hunching too but if I sit with my feet up I’m better!😊

  3. Thank you for sharing these stretches. Pain happens to the best of us, so it’s helpful to know what can bring a little bit of relief. I’m finding, lately, that taking a little time off (a few days to a week) in between major projects helps to give my hands a chance to heal from the non-serious aches and pains (though it can be tough sticking to the break!). I will try these exercises next time I craft. Thank you. 🙂

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