New Shawl design

So, the rain has driven me to yarn and needles…..

The weather today has been annoying.  Gloriously sunny one moment, then peeing with rain the next!

As a result I’ve had a bit of a disturbed day in the garden.  I managed to get some gardening done this morning in between showers but this afternoon my mind turned to yarn!

Regular readers will remember I had this lovely delivery earlier in the week.

After stroking and squishing the yarn a lot, I came up with a design for a knitted asymmetrical shawl for the “Koigu KPPM” (the multicoloured one on the right!)  The others I have another idea for but only starting one more WIP at a time!

This afternoon I’ve started knitting up my design.  Which involves sections of garter stitch and some lacy sections too.

I’m pleased with how it looks so far but I still have quite a long way to go as you can see!

I’ll share more as I progress and put the pattern up once I’ve tested it fully!




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  1. An absolutely beautiful variegated yarn – I have never seen that colour combination and it catches the light so nicely. The colours remind of a beautiful garden. The asymmetric shawl is looking lovely. Looking forward to seeing more of this beautiful WIP (also, is the ball of yarn hand-wound?)

    1. thanks. it is a beautiful colour. I thought it would go nicely with lots of things! I’ve got a ball-winder for when I buy skeins. I got in a terrible mess trying to wind by hand!! 😂

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