Some birds appeared…

This week in the Scheepjes Hygge CAL 2017, we are doing another week of double crochet.  Another 59 rows.  I’ve still got 10 rows of last week’s double crochet to finish off too!!  its not that interesting but I suppose as it doesn’t need any concentration its perfect TV crochet!!


Oh, and that hook?  That’s my new special treat to myself.  Its a “Furls Odessy”  Its super comfy to crochet with.  Its balanced very well (like a good knife!) and I’m loving it.  Need to keep on doing projects needing a 4mm hook though! haha!

Unfortunately as all this double crochet isn’t very inspiring, my fingers have been wandering!  Its not so much that I am cheating on the rainbow, more creating it a sister to spend time with!  I really hope they don’t start getting jealous of each other…!

…so anyway, I’ve made some progress on my alternative Jewel Hygge this week.  I spent a long time thinking about what this week’s pattern needed to be.  Officially it is the hearts section (shown here on my Rainbow Hygge).


I really did fancy a change though.  After searching around on Pinterest for inspiration, I saw a cross-stitch pattern of some birds sat on a wire.  It was a bit big for the over-simplified cross-stitch required on the hygge material,  but with some tweaking, I managed to get them to fit.  some more googling found a few other birds and I managed to put them all together into one motif.  I’m happy with the end result! 🙂


Next week (week 7) of the official CAL, we will be stitching the back motif onto the “canvas” that we have been crocheting over the past two weeks.  As I’m mainly following the pattern for my Rainbow Hygge, I’ve been able to work week-by-week and not worry about what’s coming up and how it all goes together as someone else has done that for me!

As for this one I’m designing it all, I thought I’d best give some thought to what the back-panel was going to look like on the Jewel.  I designed a few different back panels and (thanks to a poll on the Scheepjes CAL Facebook group) I’ve narrowed it down to the following two designs.

Jewel Back Piece - Option 1 - Stitch Fiddlejewel back pannel 4

I think that the first one is my favourite, as I wont have to worry about having it upside-down.  I’m going to work out whether I can sneak the flower-heart into the shawl somewhere though!



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