Cosy Stripe Blanket (Part 2)

My Cosy Stripe blanket journey continues….See Part 1 here Attic24’s Cosy Stripe Blanket – My way! (Part 1)

Soooo…it turns out that this week I have  been super popular, my friend Jen (yes, she is the one that “Horatio” lives with – see The Knitamals) suggested that we go out on Monday night to have a post-Christmas bite to eat (yes, I was heard to say “Pudding too, oh OK then!…oh my goodness now I’m too full to move!”).  Then on Wednesday another friend was in the area and looking for someone to share a bottle of wine and a good gossip with…and frankly it would be rude not to right?  Finally, on Sunday, I went for a lovely frosty walk with my mum in “the Woods”, which surround one side of the village that she lives.

But despite having these very lovely distractions, I’ve finally managed to get through the “red” and “pink” stripe sections (hurrah!) by crocheting as much as my hands can take every other night of the week.

Once I got to the end of the first pattern repeat, it was time to do some kind of dividing section before going back down the colours the other way.  I did some playing around with the middle “grey” stripe that I was thinking about, trying out a few options for different widths and deciding whether to stick with just grey or add in a bit of silver too.  I decided in the end that best thing to do was to just got for 4x rows of straight treble crochet in grey.  This is bordered by the silver shell stitch which is the end (now start) of each colour sequence.

The post picture shows you how big it has turned out, it will almost cover the top of our king-sized bed once the border is on.  If I was making this as a bed-blanket, I’d make it larger, as I would like some “drape” but I think its big enough for sofa-snuggling, which it is intended for!

This is a close-up of all the colours together, I’m really happy with how it looks so far! I can’t stop staring (and stroking) it! I’ve GOT to get a life! ha!


I got this far by about 9pm last night and so my lovely other half and I spent an hour or so watching TV together under the half-blanket.  Its not quite long enough to keep our feet warm yet though!!

Think I can get the next “Pink” stripes finished tonight?? Wish me luck!

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