My First Brioche Cowl is finished, just in time!

I posted a couple of weeks ago that I was learning Brioche Knitting, using this fantastic I found this beautiful bandana cowl by Lavanya Patricella.

It turned out to be a super-quick knit, I managed to get it finished in just 5 days…!

I’m also pleased to report that Brioche knitting isn’t really as hard as it appears, when its a simple rib pattern like this one!

Quick recap on yarn choices for you…

The pattern calls for fingering-weight yarn.  I used this amazing yarn from “All Wool that Ends Wool“.  I think this colour-way is “its getting warmer”.  I also used some left over Cascade Heritage Yarn left over from my “Random Stripe Cardigan” to use for the other colour.


Good news, its finished! 🙂

I got back from a week away recently and it was suddenly 10°C, I thought I’d knitted it too late in the year….the weather didn’t let me down now, suddenly dropping to 0°C and snowing….!!

This is the second cold-snap…in March…what’s going on, it should be spring by now!

So here it is! 🙂


It fits nicely inside my coat and the triangular bandana bit means that there isn’t a gap for the sneaky wind to gust into!


Its even long enough to cover my nose!! 🙂


Because it starts of being knit “in-the-round” and ends up bing knit “flat”, the pattern of the gradient wool changes.  It starts off being a swirling block of colour, then end us being smaller chunks of colour.


I quite like the effect! 🙂

So there we go!  I will be knitting more Brioche! I really enjoyed the way this turned out!



22 Responses

  1. M-R

    Oh, well done you ! – you certainly got on top off that new skill quickly. 🙂
    Now you find Nancy Marchant, the queen of brioche, yes ? – and you may be doing not a lot more of anything >other< than brioche !

  2. pam

    I have this pattern but am having problems transitioning to the flat knitting. Do you have any tips? I’m not a fan or ripping it out again!

  3. Heather

    I really enjoyed learning the brioche stitch but gave up after trying to figure out how to tink my mistakes without starting from the beginning every time! I’m doing a hat in fisherman’s rib which looks and feels just like brioche but much easier to fix a mistake!

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