30 Day Sketchbook Challenge – Week 4

Hello and welcome to the last week of my 30 Day Sketchbook Challenge.  I’ve enjoyed having a new prompt every morning again this week and I will miss that for the rest of the year!  However I have knitting and crochet to get on with and all this drawing does eat into the time I have to do that…so its bitter-sweet!!

Along with my Week 1, Week 2 and Week 3 posts, I’m going to share all my pictures, good and bad….so here goes….!

Day 22 – “Something I love”

Well, drawing people is scary so I’m not going to do that am I??  I love these boots….I live in them (pretty much, although I’ve had to start taking them off to sleep after Mr Jo-Creates complained that there was mud in the bed….!) so figured they fit with the theme!  Made them a bit “short” oops!


Day 23 “Space”

Well I really didn’t fancy drawing stars and planets…so I went for the slightly more lateral “lack of space” and drew this contortionist in a box! 🙂


Day 24 “Something I hate”

Not so easy…I considered drawing Mike Brewer (from that car show I hate!) but figured that hate was a pretty strong word.  Although I’d rather not be in the room when Mike is on telly…and will actively leave the room…I’m not sure I HATE him….sponges however……eeuugghh!!!! I really do hate them..I can’t touch them or even think about them without getting a shiver down my spine….Didn’t want to spend long drawing them either!


Day 25 – “Childhood”

As soon as this prompt came up, I knew it had to be a pair of my neon roller skates….I blooming loved these things, wore them all day every day (again,I had to take them off to sleep…sigh….its a theme!!).  I wore them so much that the “stopper” on the front of the right one wore away to nothing…!  I had fun with my inktense pencils and some water colour for this prompt!


Day 26 – “Buildings”

Woohoo, I love drawing buildings.  This is a church in my local town, I don’t think i did it justice, but I had fun trying! 🙂


Day 27 “You”

Errmm, what….?  me?  ummm, but people are HARD to draw…after some sulking and sighing, I got my phone out, took me a picture of myself and had a bash at drawing me……I have to say that I like the “style”…it certainly looks like a person…not an awful lot like me…but a person!!! *phew, thank god that is over!

Day 29 – “Transport”

Well this prompt could only be a picture of my beloved Mercedes SL500.  I love this car…could have done it for “something I love” too I guess!!!!

More fun with inktense today!!


Day 30 – “Try something again”

This week…the one I’m least happy with is the picture of me from day 27….or so I thought until i attempted to draw “me” again!! hahaha! I’ve managed to draw me again…a bit more like me but I think that I just look like I have a super-grubby face!! I think that drawing people really is a skill I don’t have….!!

I promised to share all though…even though I really dislike this picture I’m sharing…!!!!  When did I get Bruce Forsyth’s chin and the cheeks of a hamster!? DOH!


So, that’s the end of the final 30 day sketchbook challenge update.  More highs and lows for me this week.  Unfortunately I ended on a low…so I think I’ll need to pick up my sketchpad tomorrow night and try something else….at least so I can end January on something other than a picture I’m really not happy with!

I have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in this challenge though…I have learned things along the way and been inspired by all of the fantastic pictures that other people are posting in the facebook group accompanying the challenge.

If you ever get chance to give something like this a go, I would encourage you to….its been fun testing myself each day!

And now…..I’m going to go do some soothing crochet!!




14 Responses

  1. Your pics look great – could not do that myself (especially drawing faces is my nemesis since school days). Love how your selfie improved – even though you do not like the second it has to much more depth! You know the saying: Practice makes perfect 😉

  2. Jo

    😂😂😂 you look nothing like you! But you know I’m saying that with much love. Your car definitely looks like a car 😁

  3. I think you look so cute Jo (I do prefer the first drawing though for sure!)! thanks for sharing your 30 days with us, I think you did really good!

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