Weekly Update – Not really about knitting but I think you’ll like it!

Hello crafty friends!  I’ve been VERY busy recently knitting away at my one project so I’ve not had much to share in the way of progress.  Sorry!

On Saturday I had a big family gathering in my (not so big!) house.

I’m very lucky and all my lovely family bought wine and chocolates to help get the party started. That and my extensive Gin collection meant that the party got off to a great start!  Unfortunately however, we were all too stuffed on pie (and more cheese than an army could have eaten, even in a week!) to get onto the kitchen disco…..next time Lucy!

But back to the wine story….my lovely cousin was rooting around in that exclusive supermarket….Aldi to find me something delicious to drink.  Not knowing what my favourite wine was, she plumped for a novelty one.  (A woman after my own heart…I do love a “quirky” wine!)

She came up with this….a bottle of “Leaf Plucker” Sauvingnon Blanc.

“I saw this and HAD to buy this for you…!” she said……

“Leaf-plucker?” is not a particularly unusual name….I thought…so I looked at the label….


“oh! a sheep on a pogo-stick? haha funny yes I like that!”, I said….

“NOOOOOO, look to the right”, she insisted….


Yes, that is a sheep, knitting another sheep….on a bottle of wine…..! HA! brilliant, it was MADE for me and all you other knitting wine drinkers out there…!

And the extra good part…I love Sauvignon Blanc…win/win!  Only thing is that I don’t want to drink it because the label is too cool.  I’m sure I’ll get over that when I’m down to my last bottle though!!

Thats all for this update.  Knitting will feature in the next one I promise!!


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  1. LOL, too cool! I’m sure if you search Pinterest or even just Google you can find something good to do with an empty wine bottle that has sheep on the label. 😉

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