Sneak a look at my Instagram Round-up

Instagram, for those times when you don’t have a whole lot to say, but the picture is pretty….! This is what I’ve been posting over the last couple of weeks…!

You’ll remember from last time (here) that there are some naughty penguins that live with me and they get up to all sorts!! There was much knitted penguin nonsense again…this time they were using yarn as steps to help them get at my Sunday Aperol Spritz!


I’ve been learning to dye my own yarn….more to follow….! This is a picture of my first attempt drying on the washing line!yarn-drying-on-the-line

Those Penguins again, this time they decided that they would buy the ENTIRE contents of the Lakeland catalogue….its not that I don’t like Lakeland, but where would I put it all??IMG_20170803_202656_497

I know its August, but I decided to knit a bobble hat – pattern will be written and updated here soon!IMG_20170806_215040_251

I was drinking again (this time some pink Gin!) but those pesky penguins did try to sneak up on me…I spotted the though!IMG_20170805_201124_862

A couple of weeks ago, Freddie the Field Mouse (free pattern here) came to live with me.  He was naughty too and got straight on with stealing the penguins hat! IMG_20170802_204908_947

Last weekend, I went to the Art in the Park festival in Leamington (see what I got up to here) There was loads of fun stuff to do!!


Finally, I was tempting people with fish and chips on the beach in Cornwall.  If you’re tempted, see what I was up to here


Well, that was fun!!

See you next time!!






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    1. It is (sort of) an Amanda Berry Pattern, the did a pattern for a big penguin and a little one. I did the little one and then made it even smaller by missing out a few “rounds” of its belly. They are cute but SUPER naughty! 😉 Post pictures if you make some naughty ones too!!!

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