How to Knit an i-cord, using DPN or Circular Needles – its easy!

Welcome to this Jo-Creates “knit-bit” lesson.  In this lesson I’m going to show you how to knit an i-cord.

This is a super simple technique for knitting a cable / cord.  It has a sort of “rope” effect and is often used in knitting patterns. 

I used it in my “Freddie the Field Mouse” pattern, so thought I’d post a quick tutorial…

To knit an i-cord, you will need the following tools.


At each stage of this process, you won’t turn your knitting like you would normally do.  This is why you need to use DPN’s or circular needles, so you can knit at both ends of the needle

So lets get started with how to knit an i-cord

How to knit an i-cord using Double Pointed Needles (DPN)

Step 1

Cast on as many stitches as your pattern describes.  A larger number of stitches will result in a thicker i-cord.



Step 2

Now you can start knitting your i-cord.



Step 3

Slide stitches on your needle along to the other end of the needle.  Don’t forget not to turn your needles.


Step 4 and 5, and on and on…Repeat!

Continue knitting, not turning and sliding to the other end of the needle as described above until your i-cord is as long as you need it to be…

That’s it, you now know how to knit an i-cord.

It really is that simple! 🙂


How to knit an i-cord using Circular needles? 

Trust me this is super simple too…..In this process a circular needle is really just a long DPN!


Follow the steps above, but sliding the stitches from one end of the circular needle to the other.


Magic?  No?  Well I thought so when I thought about it one night when I didn’t have DPN in the right size!!!!

I hope this has helped you learn how to knit an i-cord.

If you enjoyed this knit-bit lesson, keep checking back, I’ll be making more!

If you are just starting out knitting, I’ve created a Learn to Knit for Beginners course.  You can find that here!

S’all from me!



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  1. M-R

    A most worthy way of loving knitting – helping others.
    Could you perhaps add a tutorial on how to CONCENTRATE and NOT BE DISTRACTED BY ANYTHING when knitting brioche lace …? – just kidding: no-one can help me keep my woolly thoughts gathered. Sighhh …
    HNY !

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