How to crochet a “double treble” (dtr)

A couple of the patterns that I’ve published (or ones that I’m working on at the moment!) include a double treble crochet (dtr) stitch.  Its really a very simple stitch but I thought I’d share how to do it….I’m using UK Crochet terms 🙂

The double treble is made the same way as a treble but with an extra “wrap” around the hook…It makes it a bit taller than a treble and you work it as follows:

Step 1, wrap yarn around the hook twice.



dtr step 1


Step 2, put hook through chain and pull through a loop as you would with any stitch:

dtr step 2


Step 3, put yarn around hook and draw through two loops on your hook

dtr step 3


Step 4, repeat step three for next two loops on hook

dtr step 4


Step 5, repeat again for last two loops on hook

dtr step 5

…and that’s it, you’ve made a double-treble! Nice one!


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