Learn to Knit for Beginners – Free Scarf Pattern

Hello.  I’m hoping you’re here to find the details on the free scarf pattern that I’ve been promising in the Introduction, Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 of my Learn to Knit for Beginners course.

If you’ve stumbled in here by mistake then welcome anyway.  Fancy a free scarf pattern?  You’re welcome to join in with this pattern. If you don’t know how to knit, but really want to…then check out the course so far using the links above!


To make this free scarf pattern, you will need any Chunky Weight Yarn or Aran Weight Yarn.  I recommend either:

  • Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in a colour of your choice (I’m using colour “Mallard” or “300056”).  You will need 450m of Aran weight yarn. (5 balls of Debbie Bliss)
  • James C Brett Chunky with Merino in a colour of your choice.  (I’m using colour “17”).  You will need 370m of Chunky weight yarn. (3 balls of James C Brett)
  • Any other Aran or Chunky weight yarn of your choice.  You should make sure you buy the same number of meters as I’ve given detailed above.  The ball-band should advise how many meters you get per “ball”.

As I mention in the video below, the James C Brett has a fairly high acrylic content, personally I don’t mind that, some people don’t like it though.  I chose it because of its great value and I wanted to give you a cheap option for having a go at this scarf.  This yarn is lovely and squishy and have used it a few times before!!

free scarf pattern

You will also need a pair of knitting needles.  You will need:

  • 5mm pair of needles for the Debbie Bliss; or
  • 6mm pair of needles for the James C Brett;
  • Or the needles that your yarn suggests if you are choosing something different.

The Free Scarf Pattern

You can download the free scarf pattern here

Don’t worry if it doesn’t make complete sense to you just yet.  We will be looking at how to read a knitting pattern in Lesson 3!

Video Lesson

If you want to get started and can’t wait until Lesson 3. I’ve recorded this short video showing you the stitch pattern that we will be using to make this knitted scarf.

I am here to help!

If at any point you have any issues, question, comments, please post them either below in the comments section, or you can find me on facebook here or here. I really am here to help so please don’t struggle in silence. If you are struggling with something, chances are that someone else is too, so think of it as helping them!! 🙂

Please show me how you’re getting on!

I’d really love to see what you’re up and I know you can’t add pictures to the comments on my blog so:

If you’re on facebook – please share them on my facebook page Jo Creates Facebook Page or if you’re sharing them in your own newsfeed, please tag me so I can see what lovely knits and purls you are making!

If you’re on instagram, please post pictures of your knitting practice using the hashtag #learntoknitjocreates.

Join me in Lesson 3 soon!



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  1. I’m knitting my first ever jersey with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran 😀 Gosh its beautiful. I’m loving this series btw 🙂 I have only taught myself to knit in the past year and its been via YouTube and figuring it out as I go along. These have been really helpful 🙂

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