Lined zip bag

I have a million different things to carry round when I’m in the office, pens, pencils, paperwork, notebooks, glasses, phones, wallets, etc and I’ve had ENOUGH of walking 7 paces, stopping to pick something that I’ve dropped up and then dropping everything else whilst I pick that up…only to walk another 10 paces and repeat….so, I decided what I really needed was a zipped “pencil-case” which was big enough to hold all my pens and pencils, plus my notebook, phone, glasses, etc.

I’ve had this lovely zig-zag fat quarter in my sewing box for aaaages and just couldn’t decide what to make with it.  I pondered making something muted and “work-friendly” but then thought “sod it!” I love colour!!!!

To make this, you’ll need:


  • Two pieces of “main fabric” big enough to fit whatever you want to fit in it, plus extra for seams
  • two pieces of lining fabric, the same size as the “main fabric”
  • I also used some iron-on interfacing to make the outer “Main fabric” and pocket linings a bit stiffer
  • 1 zip
  • two smaller pieces of the “main fabric” for internal pockets
  • One strip of the “main fabric” to make a handle

Step 1 – If using, iron on the interface fabric to the main fabric and pocket fabric

Step 2 – using an iron, fold them hem-line on both of the pocket pieces on all sides and top-stitch down.

Step 3 – put a 1cm hem on both sides of the handle strap then fold both edges into the corner to make a thing strip.  top-stitch this strap


Step 4 – sew the pocket pieces onto the middle of each lining piece and top-stitch in place


Step 5 – Sew some stripes up one of the pocket to make “grooves” for pens – Note, I tend to go over the top edge of these, at the opening, to strengthen them (as you can see above)

Step 6 – Put one of the outer fabric right side up on the table and lay the zip right side down on one end, next add the lining fabric right side down (so right sides are together) on top.  Pin the zip in place and then sew along the zip to attach it.


Step 7 – Repeat step 6 on the other half of the zip.

Step 8 – Open the zip up about half-way and stitch all around the outside, leaving a little space in the lining to pull the bag the right way out.


Step 9 – Pull the bag through the lining until it is the right way around then sew the hole in the lining closed.


One the right way out, it should look a little like this…20170501_133225

Step 10 – iron the bag and the seams, then fill it with all your goodies!



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