best type of crochet hook for beginners

What is the best type of Crochet Hook for beginners? – Inline or tapered

When I first started crocheting, I wanted to find the best type of crochet hook for beginners. Do you know what I found? The perfect crochet hook doesn’t exist….. …..but before you switch off and think, why bother reading on, let me explain. As a new crocheter, I came from the land of Knitting.  I […]

Which is the best crochet hook?

Question: Which is the best crochet hook….? Answer: Any of them..!! There are so many different types of crochet hooks, the best crochet hook is really subjective and completely up to you. Some people love the “in-line” style hooks like Susan Bates, whilst others wouldn’t start a project without their trusty “Clover” hook.  If you’re […]