How to Knit an i-cord, using DPN or Circular Needles – its easy!

This is a super simple technique for knitting a cable / cord.  It has a sort of “rope” effect and is often used in knitting patterns. 

I used it in my “Freddie the Field Mouse” pattern, so thought I’d post a quick tutorial…

DPN-and-Circular-Knitting-NeedlesLets go!!

Step 1 – Cast on….



Step 2 – start knitting



Step 3 – Slide stitches…


Step 4 and 5, and on and on…Repeat!

Continue knitting, not turning and sliding to the other end of the needle as described above until your i-cord is as long as you need it to be…

That’s it, it really is that simple! 🙂


How to knit an i-cord using Circular needles? 

Trust me this is super simple too…..



Magic?  No?  Well I thought so when I thought about it one night when I didn’t have DPN in the right size!!!!

S’all from me!




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